So you want to see if your chicken has the stuff for chicken top model-dom! Hurray! We want to see all chickens represented here at the street fair. Sleek ones, fluffy ones, ones with no feathers on their necks, ones with feathers on their feet... the list is endless! It's a fairly simple and painless process, as outlined below:

Chicken Contest Rules
You must leave the chicken(s) at the contest booth for the duration of the event with a cage (see "Cages" section below), appropriate bedding, food, and water. The chickens will be properly cared for and monitored at all times. The event is Sunday, August 6th. Entered chickens will be present at the fair 10:45am - 4pm.

No roosters or other species, please. Female chickens (hens) only.

Each household may register up to two chickens.

To Enter
Just email the information listed in italics below to

Your name, phone number, and email
Your Chicken’s name, breed, and a brief description* of the chicken

*The brief description should be 1 or 2 sentences about each chicken. This could be a fun anecdote, description of the chicken’s personality, or anything that makes your chicken special. The description will be posted next to your chicken at the contest along with the chicken's name and breed.

Your chicken is not registered unless you receive email confirmation that you're signed up.

You must provide an appropriate cage for your chicken. Visitors must be able to view the chicken through the cage bars and cage must be large enough for chicken to move around. If entering 2 chickens, they may share the same cage, but the cage must be large enough for both chickens. If you don't have access to an appropriate cage and that's the only thing preventing you from entering, you may email us at to ask if we have one available. Please do not enter the contest before procuring a cage.

Details of the Contest
The contest itself will take place the day of the fair by vote. Visitors who stop by the booth will be invited to vote for their favorite chicken. Each visitor will vote for one chicken and place their completed ballot in a ballot box. Voting takes place during the Fair from 11am - 3pm. Chicken contestant owners and contest coordinators are not eligible to vote.

Please drop off your chicken between 10:00 and 10:45am. We ask that you not stay at the booth after you drop off your chicken. We need room for visitors to view the chickens and to vote for their favorite. Chicken caretakers will be on hand. You're welcome to come back to the booth after voting is finished at 3pm.

All chicken contestant owners should gather at the booth at 3:20 for the announcement of the winner. Prizes, provided by Foster Feed and Scratch and Peck, will be awarded to all contestants and a winner will be announced at that point. 

Please don't pick up your chicken until the event is over at 4pm.